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The company Uzbekneftegaz has 6 Joint-stock companies:

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/bng_cnt/ It carries out geological exploration, exploration and production drilling oil and gas wells;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/dob_cnt/ It engaged in the development of oil and gas fields, oil and gas condensate, natural gas processing;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/uztransgaz/ Provides transportation and underground gas and storage, natural gas facilities management conveying to consumers the Republic of Uzbekistan from using it outside the Republic, as well as ensuring the transit of natural gas from neighboring countries. To ensure the activity is the construction and overhaul of gas trunk-line system. It provides the country’s population with natural gas;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/mah_cnt/ It is 100% owner of the property Fergana, Altiarik and Bukhara oil refinery of factories engaged in the processing of oil and gas condensate, as well as sells petroleum products sector of the economy and population, has a network of tank farms transshipment terminals and gas stations, controls the activity of enterprises selling oil products on the domestic market of Uzbekistan;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/ngst_cnt/ Performs design work, capital construction and construction of production facilities, transport, oil and gas processing;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/ngm_cnt/ Produces engineering products for enterprises and organizations of oil and gas and gas chemical complexes, as well as for the needs of related sectors of the economy, coordinates the activities of engineering plants in the oil and gas industry.

Supervised structure:

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/liting Uzbek Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas industry;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/igirnigm/ Institute of oil and gas fields of geology and exploration;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/dep_cnt/ The main tasks is the provision on professional services and the securities market;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/ngi_cnt/ The main purpose of the company is a methodical management, control monitoring the implementation of investment projects;

http://www.ung.uz/about/structure/enterprises/utng_cnt/ The main task of the JSC “O’ztashqineftgaz” is to meet the needs of enterprises NHC “Uzbekneftegaz” in logistics, resources, equipment, raw materials, work and services by organizations and ensure their import;

http://www.ung.uz/ru/about/structure/enterprises/ngs_cnt/ The main objective is to provide AFS MTS operation and communications facilities, the provision of communication services to enterprises and organizations of NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”.


Professional Colleges oil and gas:


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Industry brings together more than 190 companies.

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