Internal audit service


The service of internal audit accountable to the Board of governors of NHC Uzbekneftegaz is created in NHC Uzbekneftegaz.

Two auditors were employed to internal audit service by the decision of the Board of governors of 30 May, 2014.

The posts are vacant in internal audit service since 22 October, 2015. Selection of auditors to vacant posts is under way.

The internal audit service of NHC Uzbekneftegaz exercises control and evaluation of work of the executive body, branches and representations of NHC Uzbekneftegaz by inspections and monitoring of regulatory compliance, the charter of NHC Uzbekneftegaz and other documents, ensuring completeness and reliability of data reflection in accounting and financial statements, the established rules and procedures of implementation of economic operations, safety of assets, as well as observance of the requirements for managing of NHC Uzbekneftegaz established by the legislation.

Last change: 10.05.2017