Main factors


Geological exploration

The subsurface of Uzbekistan has huge reserves of raw hydrocarbons. Oil and gas productive areas are located around 60% of Republic’s territory. In five petroleum districts of Uzbekistan, 211 of raw hydrocarbon deposits are opened. 108 of them are raw gas deposit, oil/gas condensate deposits, raw oil deposits. More than 50% raw hydrocarbon deposits are under development, 35% of them are prepared for exploration, at the other fields, prospecting works are  going on.



Uzbekistan’s annual capacityof raw hydrocarbon deposits is approximately 80 million tons of reference fuel. In 1991, it’s rate increased more than of 60%.


A rate of production of raw hydrocarbon deposits in Republic of Uzbekistan.

Recovering gas and oil accounted for 96% of the primary energy resources, which supply the needs of Uzbekistan’s economy.


The processing of oil and gas.

Oil-and-gas extraction industry of Uzbekistan possess refining base.


A crude oil refining and a gas-condensate carry out at 2 factories: 


Fergana Oil Refinery plant.

First electric desalting plant was put for the exploitation at first time in the middle of 1958 y. But officially Fergana Oil Refinery plant’s first day was considered on 27th of 1959 y, at the time of when first oil equipment of atmospheric vacuum distillation ABT-1 was launched. Today, Fergana Oil Refinery plant is one of leading the Enterprises of the lubricant refining enterprise in Central Asia.Taking cue from refining local domestic raw materials with a high content of sulfides, there was carried out a plant reconstruction in cooperation with Companies Mitsui, TOYO Engineering Corporation.The reconstruction was finished in 2000y with commissioning a diesel-oil desulfurization plant, installation of CVDU (Crude vacuum distillation unit) and ecologically-safe loading new products in railcars.


Buxara Oil Refinery plant. 

Buxara Oil Refinery plant is part of JSC “Uzneftproduct”. Plant was built in 1997y Consortium with head of TECHNIP (France).

The general annual estimated capacity, a current Oil Refinery plant allows providing all needs of Republic, working for export as well.


Produced gas is refined at three plants:

Mubarek Gas Refinery plant.

Mubarek Gas Refinery plant is Unitarian Subsidiary Enterprise of JSC “Uzbekneftgazdobycha” and was recognized one of the largest gas refinery plant in the world.

Mubarek Gas Refinery plant was put for exploiting in 1971 and is rated for 30 billion cub meter of an annual refinery gas.

Since 2007 y, produced by plant, industrial sulfur is being certificated by world system of management quality. Gas Refinery plant produces variety types of productions:

  • gas stabilized condensate; 
  • hydro carbonaceous liquid gas;
  • technical sulfur; 
  • the products are sold domestically and exported . 

The entity is widely involved in implementation of social projects. In 2006y, using the funds of Mubarek Gas Refinery plant, the healthcare resort was built.

Shurtan Gas refinery plant,

Shurtan Gas refinery plant is a division of JSC “Uzbekneftgazdobycha”, which is a subsidiary of JSC “Uzbekneftgazdobycha”. Plant annually refines 20billions cubic of meters of gas.

At the plant there are 4 propane/butane mix unit. The construction of these units has been finished this year. New propane/butane mix units are able to refine 6 billiards cubic meters of gas, with 104 thousand tons of liquefied gas which is divided into 56 thousand tons of propan, 48 thousand tons of high line gas as well as 44 thousand tons of stable natural gasoline.

Shurtan gas chemical complex

As of today, Shurtan gas chemical complex’s activity consists of following main parts: refining natural gas with a produced ethylene (licensor ABB Lummus), with a production of a somonomer ( Axens’s license) and the production of polyethylene on Sclairtech technology (licensor’s Nova Chemicals).

As of today, more than 60% of polyethylene productions of Shurtan gas chemical complex go to export to Europe Poland, Hungary, Lithuanians, Latvia, Turkey, Asia, (Iran, Pakistan, China) Commonwealth of Independent States(Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan)and other countries.

The area holds a course for raw hydrocarbons deep conversion. In affiliation with consortium of Korean company the project for construction is being implemented at the base of deposit of Surgil, on the gas chemical complex of plateau of Ustyurt which is the major of Central Asia, the project capacity allows refining 4 billiards cub meter of natural gas with 362 thousand tons of polyethylene, 83 thousand tons of polypropylene

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